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Toora Windfarm Panorama Nightsky

The Wind Farm Debate

The Problem - Most of us agree that the Earth is changing, whether this is a natural cycle or man made is still debatable, but the message is we need to take action now, and yes this means not just debating but taking personal actions to curb our carbon emissions. Because even if this Climate Change IS a natural occurrence, we will one day exhaust our fossil fuel reserves.

What Can We Do? -The best outcome would be if we could make our own homes fully self sufficient via a few cells on the roof, a tank and maybe a little propeller on the roof to power a battery bank, unfortunately not all of us can afford or maintain a self sufficient setup like this.

Where Does Your Electricity Come From? - If you are one of the few self sufficient households I salute you, but if you are one that believes electricity just comes from that white socket on the wall, then I ask you to follow the wires and see what really powers your wide screen TV. If you can provide a reliable alternative to power your lifestyle without consuming a finite resource please let us know via the Contact Us form.

the toora wind generators up close and personal

The Alternatives? - The Wind industry doesn’t claim to be “THE” answer to all this, but it is the only ready to go alternative at hand that can provide energy at Mega Watt capacities. Design work is continuing with other Renewable technologies, hopefully one day they can be reliably produced, but at this time only wind can provide a large scale power alternative.

The Towers - There are many who complain about the placement of the towers in prime coastal areas of Victoria. These areas get the best winds and are commonly used for grazing livestock. The land is still used for the same purpose and little is taken up with the structures themselves. But lets face it, this is always an issue for someone and the industry is responding with new ‘Offshore’ designs to alleviate those concerns.

The Future - Who knows, maybe in a few years your new energy idea can be utilized to light up the world without consuming it at the same time, and then we can take down those wind turbines that have annoyed some, and there will be no gaping hole in the ground left behind to ruin the view.

wind farms

Some people consider it an eyesore that spoils the picturesque view. Others think that it adds interest to the area. Whatever your opinion, it certainly provides some much needed tourist activity for local businesses.

Be Energy Efficient Now:

How You Can Help - We all know and admit there is a need to conserve energy (or at least not waste it) until even more viable options are found or created. Use romantic lighting in the form of candles and open fires or fire boxes provide a practical heating solution especially if you live on acreage and have your own source of firewood.

Toora wind generators as seen from the top of Mount Best

Toora Wind Farm: Majestic, yet controversial wind generators, tower above the lush paddocks and grazing stock just north of the Victorian country town of Toora. Above you can see the view from high on top of Mount Best with Wilson's Promontory in the background.

Make a point to drive the short trip up Silcocks Hill Road from Toora to the viewing area. The scenery is quite superb and the towers are enormous. On a windy day, the sound generated from the turbines is eerie and you will understand why they have been positioned in this area. It is almost too windy at times to open your car door without feeling the strong resistance.

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