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South Gippsland Photography And Website Design, Elizabeth Richardson

South Gippsland Website Design's Elizabeth Richardson here.

It bothers me when I hear of people trying to build their own websites from scratch OR getting ripped off by ’so called’ free websites…the ones that might cost you nothing, but are loaded with advertising that makes money for someone else, and you never get any traffic either!

So I decided to build a website that shows you -

  1. How to build a FREE Website (without needing programming skills),
  2. Where to get the best FREE websites,
  3. How to make the most of a completely FREE website,
  4. How and where to register your own domain name,
  5. How to choose the right company to host your website,
  6. How to make money from a website without even having anything to sell,
  7. How to get absolutely everything you need to build your own website PROPERLY - all for less than $60,
  8. And how to get your new website up and running in 24 hours.

Want A Professionally Built Website Instead?

Well,  if you can't be bothered with 'going back to school' to learn the basics, you don't have the time or you'd like HAVE your website quickly constructed, optimized for search engines, professionally copy-written with high quality images and a really snappy ‘look’, then phone us now for a free consultation and quote on 0459 675251.

You are also welcome to take a look at the Web Services page and find a list of what we can do for YOU.

Alternatively, fill out and submit your question on THIS CONTACT FORM and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Quality Local Stock Photography

A picture tells a thousand words...and let's fact it, most websites look much better with professional, specially enhanced photographs to make them stand out in a crowd. Now there are several really good stock photography websites to choose from, like Getty Images, and

Lifegames Photography specializes in images from the local Prom Country, Bass Coast and South Gippsland regions of Victoria. Most are even free to download and use for your own website and advertising brochures, providing that the watermark is left intact or you provide a link back to our site.

Of course you are welcome to request a photo shoot specifically for your own business and, if you choose to have a website designed by us (and you live in the local area), at least one FREE photo session is included in the price - saving you hundreds of dollars. Just leave your request/enquiry on the contact form.

Take a look at the Lifegames Photography Portfolio and see the quality for yourself. New pictures are added on a daily basis.

FREE Website Appraisal

Do you have an existing website that needs some attention, or perhaps you'd like some genuine help to -

  • make your website search engine friendly,
  • improve the aesthetics of your website,
  • get your website hosting for LESS than $60/year,
  • make sure your website gets found in searches,
  • substantially improve the traffic flow,
  • promote your website locally,
  • have a website that's more user friendly.

We are happy to help. Just leave a message with your website address and questions on THIS CONTACT FORM and we will reply to you promptly.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a message.

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