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real estate with magnificent water views and across to the mountains at Wilsons Promontory

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Available Real Estate - Find unique homes and properties for sale in South Gippsland just like the ones below and more. Especially take a look at towns like Foster, Dollar, Meeniyan, Inverloch, Fish Creek, Mirboo North, Toora, Toora North, Yarram, Walkerville South, Wonyip and Wonthaggi.

Waterside Towns - Of all the waterside towns in South Gippsland, Port Franklin and Port Welshpool are still very affordable and somewhat of a secret. Port Albert has gained much popularity in recent years and Metung near Sale and Paynesville is one of the trendiest seaside towns on the east coast of Australia.

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Bargain Priced Properties - Much of the real estate is still under valued in parts of South Gippsland and a seaside bargain or two can easily be found. Gaze at beautiful scenery and see some of the most unique real estate in Victoria as you drive, ride or walk throughout the area. Make sure you take special note of the coastal towns if you would like to live by the water. If coastal or valley views interest you, the range is diverse.

Lifestyle Properties - are highly sought after especially in the 6 to 10 acre size range, though be careful when choosing the size of your ideal block as the larger you choose, the more maintenance on fencing and clearing weeds needs to be done. I know of one beautiful and scenic 40 acre property whose owner pays for a helicopter each year to spray his weeds, as the land is quite steep, even for farm bikes.

Property Developing - There's still an incredible amount of untapped potential to develop land, build units and extend current housing accomodation in most areas of South Gippsland. As more and more people move to the area to retire or even just to live in a cleaner, friendlier and more pristine environment, run their internet based businesses from home or comute to their place of work, property developing will become a more viable and obvious option. But the local council will need to release some of their hold on expansion into more rural areas, and especially allow the development of the small, less productive hobby farms.

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Unique Corrugated Iron Construction

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