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Panoramic view of Mirboo North from the Grand Ridge Road in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Mirboo North

The quaint township of Mirboo North can be found high on the Grand Ridge Road with delightful views of the Strzelecki Ranges, South Gippsland farmland and even out towards the Latrobe Valley.

Mirboo North Bushfire Pictures - Bush fires came dangerously close to Mirboo North in late January 2009, with Boolarra and Darlimurla right in the thick of the fires path. To see some Photographs Of The Fires and pictures of regeneration, devastation and miraculous saves, go to After The Bush Fires.

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Facilities In Mirboo North - The town has just about everything you could wish to find in any Australian country town, with a good pub, a Bakery with a great reputation for delicious bread and cakes, service stations, a huge park, playground and barbecue area with a long timber picnic bench, cafés, swimming pool, Veterinary Surgery, Primary School, High School, Playgroup, Child Care Center, Playgroup, Aged Care Facilities, Chemist, Nursery, Bowling Club, Golf Course, various machinery and repair service centers, shops of all types and one of the most well-known aspects of the town, The Grand Ridge Brewery and Restaurant.

Features - When you visit Mirboo North, one of the main features you'll notice immediately are the large town murals. Painted beautifully by local artists, they depict perspectives of the town from a by-gone era and are very interesting to admire and photograph.

Photographs of Mirboo North including the old bank building, lamp post, town mural and flowers.

Bush Walking and Hiking Tracks - The Baths Road Reserve area has about 2km of bushwalking tracks through tall gum tree forests, native plants and fern gullies. You can gain access to the area from the swimming pool or the car park opposite the Town Hall.

Just North of Mirboo North on the way to Morwell is the Lyrebird Forest Walk which passes through native bush land and is home to a variety of native plants, birds and wildlife.

Approx 27km along the Grand Ridge Road west of Mirboo North is the delightful Mount Worth State Park, host to one of the regions largest native bush and fern parks.

Beginning at the old railway station in the center of the town is the Mirboo North to Boolarra Rail Trail. According to the Mirboo North Website approx 6km from Mirboo North at Darlimula, there is a pick-up point at the old station site or walkers can continue on a further 7km to Boolarra.

Turtons Creek can found south of Mirboo North where tracks wind along beautiful creeks and gullies and are highlighted by the lovely Turtons Creek Falls. Here you'll find camping facilities and great fishing spots.

Photographs of Mirboo North including the playgraound, Grand Ridge Brewery Restaurant and town murals.

The Grand Ridge Road - This is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular scenic drives in the region. Just make sure you allow more time than normal to travel along the 132 kilometer route, as the road winds its way through incredibly steep terrain with giant Mountain Ash trees and lush fern gullies and the trip is a slow one although the road is quite good.

Watch out for the occasional logging trucks and wildlife travelling the roads along with you. The Grand Ridge Road stretches the entire length of the Strzelecki Ranges beginning at Tarra Bulga National Park in the East, to Poowong in the west.

Dickies Hill - is just a short trip away from Mirboo North which has magnificent panoramic views. The photograph at the very top of the page was taken near Dickies Hill Lookout. You can do a round trip around Old Thorpdale Road, Dickies Hill Road and back along the scenic Grand Ridge Road.

Photographs Of Mirboo North - The photo gallery of Mirboo North, Turtons Creek and Tarra Bulga National Park on the lifegames Photography website, will give you a great indication of the beauty of the area. These pictures are also available to download and use for promotions and websites providing a link is given back to the relevant website.

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