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Loves Lane Cottages with views towards Phillip Island, in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Loves Lane Cottages

When doing reviews of any business in the hospitality industry, some of the buzz words used to describe these places are atmosphere and friendliness. But Loves Lane Cottages are something more than that. The hosts, Andy and Correen exude warmth and charm and the entire property displays their exquisite taste and 'attention to detail'. The environment is peaceful and the atmosphere is thoroughly relaxing and welcoming.

A special hamper given to guests at luxury accomodation venues

The day I arrived (unannounced), I was overwhelmed by the beautiful garden, delightful views of the surrounding countryside and the immaculately maintained cottages jutting out over the serene landscape. On venturing further I noticed a bottle of wine with a card at the front door, waiting to greet the arrival of someone special.

It made me feel instantly comfortable even though I was there for a different purpose. I could hardly wait to get back with my camera and take some photographs.

But seriously, if you are wanting to spend some time in a truly warm, luxurious and comfortable place, a trip to Mirboo North or Dumbalk, will take less than two hours from Melbourne and is guaranteed to calm and soothe your senses...besides, I saw the wonderful hampers that Correen makes as a special treat by request, and the love that goes into the creation of each one, is priceless....and the freshly baked home-made bread for breakfast ... mmmmmm.

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