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Wonyip Landcare Group - has won a World Wildlife Fund grant to help the endangered Spotted-tail Tiger Quoll. One of the groups very active and passionate members, Trevor Colvin compiled an ENORMOUS application for the WWF grant at the end of May 2007. The story has been reported on local ABC, in the Foster Mirror and on WIN TV.

Saving The Spotted Tiger Quoll

What Is Involved - Habitat needs to be created and enlarged for these small creatures, as well as all our other native wildlife in Australia. They will be building wildlife corridors throughout the local area area, taking in gullies that landowner members are donating for the purpose.

Who Is Helping - HVP Plantations (formerly Hancocks/Grand Ridge Plantations), are also co-operating tremendously by donating gullies within recently cleared pine plantations. There will be extensive replanting of riparian species of trees to provide corridors of natural habitat to link the larger areas of native bush.

What Needs To Be Done - As The Spotted Tiger Quoll needs a range of close to 500 hectares in which to thrive, it's easy to see that by having large areas of native bush cleared for farmland or planted out with pine trees, this can result in a much diluted gene pool and the possible extinction of this endangered species.

Creating habitat by planting more native trees and shrubs and setting aside the valleys already planted with native vegetation, will greatly assist these rare quolls to regain their safety in the wild and increase their chances of survival. Wouldn't it be nice to spot one in the wild!

How You Can Help - For anyone who is interested in the protection of our native flora and fauna, the landcare groups are passionate about their preservation. Please support them financially or find out what needs to be done in your own local town. Each area will have its own unique needs but the replanting of native species is an ongoing process. We all know the importance of leaving a legacy of hope for our future generations. Step lightly on our planet!

spotted tiger quoll

We are very grateful for the use of this photo courtesy of Brian O'Leary

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