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Foster Primary School in in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Foster Primary School

I spent a couple of afternoons wandering around this friendly school taking photographs. The school grounds are delightful and the kitchen garden has been lovingly attended to by the students and some very enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers. One day I watched a group of children in their fabulous outdoor classroom, being told about fertilizing and composting...then saw the results as they excitedly went about their tasks.

It was enchanting to watch them discuss the names of the plants, herbs, vegetables and fruit trees. Several students were debating about which type of pea they were holding, as chooks scratched happily nearby. I've also heard of the great results that are coming from the kitchen and can't wait to go back and sample the produce.

Of course, the next step for these children is to move on to the South Gippsland Secondary College, where the kitchen facilities and administration areas are all brand new.

Downloading Photographs Taken At Foster Primary School - Clicking on the photographs below will take you to a larger version which the school has permission to download for their own use. For other people, it would be appreciated if you let me know of your intention to put them elsewhere on the Internet or into any publication by simply using the Contact Us form. All we ask is a courtesy link back to our website. Full size and high quality originals are also available. It's nice to think they might be useful.

The Kitchen Garden Project - As a parent of a school aged child, I am incredibly grateful that these practical classes are now available to our children and sincerely thank the administrators and teachers of Foster Primary school, the Education Department, Juneen Schulz for her keen interest in health, cooking, organics and permaculture gardening and Stephanie Alexander, for initiating the Kitchen Garden Project.

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