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A collage of flowers found growing in South Gippsland
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Local Flora, Trees, Flowers and Shrubs

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Flowering Gum - These trees are a hybrid that were bred specially for the home garden. Even so, you can still see some on the sides of the roads as you drive through many places in South Gippsland. They put on a brilliant show in summer but the seed pods are a nuisance if planted close to driveways and paths as they tend to drop and cause a potential hazard when walking. If you are thinking of planting them, position them well away from those areas and even be thoughtful when planting near a lawn unless you are happy for your lawn mower to chew them up.

red-flowering hybrid gum trees

Wattle - Incredibly beautiful when flowering, but not very long lasting, the wattle is commonly found throughout al regions of Australia. Their roots add nitrogen to the soil and are handy to grow if you have a wood fire as they burn and cut up as firewood easily. Australia has more than 850 species of Acacia, ranging from ground covers and shrubs to giant trees. They can cause sneezing and allergies so we prefer not to cut the branches to display inside the house, instead, leave them to display their natural beauty fully intact.

Acacias or Wattle trees

Native Gums - Because the gum is common to Australia, it's benefits and properties are often taken for granted by much of the population. Eucalyptus oil which is extracted from the leaves, is a popular product to relieve chest congestion and is used as an antiseptic for cuts and scratches. Be careful when parking under a Eucalypt species as most of them drop branches without much warning and are often the first to be blown over in a storm due to the shallow root structure.

native gum trees at Agnes Falls Victoria

Banksia - Although not completely native to the area, the Banksia is a very popular garden plant and the flowers make wonderful long lasting colourful displays for inside the house. They also make superb ground covers and protect the soil from moisture loss as well as preventing weeds from growing. The native birds thoroughly enjoy the nectar they produce and the hardy Banksias also give them shelter from predators. One of our local artists, Celia Rosser is famous for her drawings of Banksias and even had one officially named after her.

Banksias are useful garden shrubs

Photos Of Australian Native and Garden Plants

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