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Views from the car park at Bunurong Marine Park in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Bunurong Marine Park

The Bunurong Marine Park stretches along the South Gippsland coast for about 17 km, from Coal Point (east of Cape Patterson) in the west, to Wreck Creek (near Inverloch) and extends one kilometer out to sea. Being about 140 km southeast of Melbourne makes it an easy day trip and especially popular with tourists. You can access the park from the Inverloch-Cape Paterson Road and stop at any number of carparks to see different scenery at each spot.

Photographs Of Bunurong Marine And Coastal Park - See the complete photo gallery and map of the are in the Bunurong Picture Gallery at 'lifegames' Photography.

Surfers at Bunurong Marine and Coastal Park near Inverloch

Things To Do - The surfers seem to enjoy various spots along the coastline here and its fun paddling in the rock pools, swimming, snorkeling in the sea or exploring the caves. There are select walking trails with good signage, some are up to 7 kilometers in length. If you are thinking about taking out the boat, launching facilities are at Inverloch on Andersons Inlet or Cape Patterson. A chartered cruise would be great fun too. Try your hand at Sea Kayaking, fishing or get a Surf Education lesson.

coastline at Bunurong Marine and Coastal Park near Inverloch

Facilities - Carparks and scenic lookouts can be found at numerous vantage points along the Inverloch-Cape Paterson Road. The newly constructed staircases are solid and give easy access to the beaches. There is different scenery at each cove along the way, so it's worth stopping at each carpark for a look. You'll find Caravan parks, toilets, playgrounds and picnic areas at Inverloch and Cape Paterson.

moss growing on trees at Bunurong Marine and Coastal Park near Inverloch

About The Bunurong Coast - It is a very special place with striking rock formations, attractive sandy coves and rugged sandstone cliffs. There is a remarkable range of habitat to support the marine life that call these coastal waters their home. According to Parks Victoria, the name "Bunurong" refers to the local Aboriginal group that have lived in this area for thousands of years and have used the coast extensively for food gathering.

flora and trees at Bunurong Marine and Coastal Park near Inverloch

Vegetation, Trees and Shrubs - Most of the inland area has been cleared for farming pursuits, but the Bunurong Marine Park provides a much needed haven for plants and wildlife. Tussock grass and low growing shrubs, correa and heath abound on the steeper slopes, while the sheltered areas are covered with Coastal Banksia, Tea-tree and Boobialla. Natural moss grows on tree stumps and rocks and provide a wonderful texture to this unique environment.

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