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Emu, Seagull, Australian Raven, Crimson Rosella and othe birds are provided safe natural habitat in South Gippsland
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Birds In South Gippsland

Crimson Rosella - A very colourful bird that is often tamed and kept in cages. They can be quite noisy and love to eat the fruit from the trees, but their beauty and interest tends to surpass any damage they may do to our plants. When I was growing up, we had several as pets that learned to chatter and whistle with patience and persistent training. I much prefer to see them these days in their natural habitat. The young ones are more of a solid green colour and you can see them change (somewhat scruffily when in transition) to the more vibrant colours as they get older.

rosellas love to eat our fruit

Wattle Birds - These rather noisy birds are a type of honeyeater and feed mainly on nectar and insects, but also eat flowers, berries and some seeds. A neighbour of mine finds their noise and activity annoying but I find them quite entertaining and enjoy watching them swoop and catch moths on a humid night just before the rain comes.

wattle birds are a type of honeyeater

Blue Wren - These delightful tiny birds are often found twittering around in the local gardens and are quite common to many regions of South Gippsland. The male carries the blue colour which is often in nature needed to attract the female. She is a bland grey colour, but as they have a tendency to visit in groups with their young in tow, seeing the range of different colour tones creates interest anyway.

blue wrens are plentiful in our garden

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo - These noisy birds are often perched high in the pine trees, eating the tips of the branches and decimating the pine cones themselves. I have driven along the road only to have one dropped on my windscreen from these somewhat destructive creatures. If you watch the direction of their flight path, they are reputed to predict the rain when making a change and heading in the direction of the mountains. I had heard that they only frequent certain areas of Australia, and are probably found throughout most of Victoria. Source:

black cockatoos are frequent visitors

Firetails - These small birds are apparently quite rare in certain areas, but I have spied the odd one hopping around on the ground in my garden. Firetail finches are generally found in open grassy woodland and grassland that contains scattered trees. It is no wonder they prefer our areas in south eastern Victoria. They are striking to see as the red on the face and tail leaves an impression you won't forget.

we occassionally glimpse a firetail

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