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The ABC mini-series, Bed Of Roses starring Kerry Armstrong, was filmed mainly in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Bed Of Roses - ABC TV - Series 1, 2 and 3

The filming of this popular and delightful ABC mini-series began in late 2007 and took place in parts of South Gippsland, as Meeniyan turned into the predominant town featured in the show and was called 'Rainbows End'. Series 2 was filmed in 2009 and the third and final seasons was completed in 2010.

Bed Of Roses Series details can be found at 'lifegames' Photography.

The old store turned into a gymnasium  and was used in the filming of Bed Of Roses

Filming In Meeniyan - The supermarket, town hall, Mitre 10 Hardware and a disused shop that turned into Pat & Gemma's Gymnasium (see left), have been featured heavily.

The Meeniyan Pizza Restaurant also turned into a Chinese Takeaway for several weeks and some of the locals actually thought it had changed ownership.

The small supermarket in Meeniyan was used for several scenes but has since burned to the ground.

Accommodation venues in the area were booked solid, with around 90 cast and crew needing to be to be housed. The boost to South Gippslands local businesses was very welcome, and no doubt, Bed Of Roses will have finally made Meeniyan more of a destination instead of a town to drive through on your way to Wilsons Promontory.

Pear Park in Foster was the site for filming of the Buddhist funeral in Bed Of Roses

Filming In Foster - The bridge over Stockyard Creek at Pearl Park in Foster (see left), was the site used for filming of the Buddhist funeral and many locals excitedly became extras in the crowd, though the Chinese contingency were bussed over from Melbourne for the day.

Although I'm not entirely certain, I suspect that the football scenes were filmed at Foster Football Ground.

Filming In Leongatha - Several scenes in the last episode were shot at Leongatha Hospital and the staff there were wonderful.

There were quite a few rainy days during the filming of this six part series, which put the schedule back significantly, but fortunately many of the scenes were able to be shot in the studio and Melbourne City.

The schedule was very tight and it was quite a feat to get this series shot as quickly as it was in the 8 week timeframe. I heard after only several weeks into the production that plans were in the pipeline for another series to be started very soon as it already looked really good on screen.

The actors and extras were very well looked after during the entire time with a chef to cater for all meals including sumptuous breakfasts. The food was always freshly cooked and delicious...and the espresso machine got plenty of use.

roads in South Gippsland

How To Get To Leongatha, Meeniyan and Foster - When traveling from Melbourne, find your way to the South Gippsland Highway. You'll first drive through Korumburra, Leongatha and Koonwarra before you get to Meeniyan. If you see the Stony Creek Racecourse, you've gone too far.

To get to Foster, continue along the South Gippsland Highway another 15 minutes or so past Meeniyan, and if you follow the clearly signed road to your right just past The Comfort Inn, it will take you through to the main township.

Great Aussie Entertainment:

Bed Of Roses began in May 2008 on the ABC and it's instant popularity will make it worth watching over and over again. Series 2 came to our screens in 2009 and the final episodes were shown in March 2011.

It is with great appreciation that the ABC kindly allowed us to download each episode of the mini-series from their website.

Use our convenient search page for more details.

Pictures of Bed Of Roses - cast, crew and extras

As Series 2 and 3 Bed Of Roses was being filmed again in the local area, it gave us further opportunity to gather a gallery of ictures of the cast, crew and extras, which can now be seen at 'lifegames' Photography along with a list of actors, their roles, details about the locations used for filming the series and even some funny anecdotes.

bed of roses cast and crew pictures


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